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Summer Mermaid Glass Anklet Update!

Our goal is to make jewelry as comfortable and functional as possible so when we sat down to create an Anklet collection we knew we needed it to be 4 things:  1) adjustable 2) dainty 3) versatile 4) Comfortable!

What we came up with ended up looking almost identical to our Infinity Clasp design and a lightbulb went off in our heads. We realized we had ALREADY designed an anklet all along, it had been right there in front of us the whole time.

Similar to our Gemstone Wraps, our Infinity Clasp™ Products work just as well as a double strand anklet as they do a single strand necklace and we are thrilled to be launching the new Mermaid Glass Anklet collection.

By simply adjusting the position of our signature stopper beads, the Infinity Clasps can be wrapped around the ankle twice and are SO COMFORTABLE after 10 minutes of us wearing them we forgot they were even on.

Best part, they are fully adjustable and fit ALL ankle sizes. No matter how small or large.

What do you think!?



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