Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your love than with a perfect manicure and bracelet combo? This year, we're bringing you the hottest nail trends that will make your heart skip a beat. To step up your Valentine's Day look even further, we've also got suggestions on how to pair these trends with  our Valentine's Day inspired bracelets. Let's dive into some stunning bracelet pairings that'll have your heart racing!


Heart Throb Red

Set the town on fire with our go-to classic – Heart Throb Red! Whether you're going for glossy or matte, this red is a showstopper. And guess what? We've got the perfect bracelet pairings to crank up the glam. Just like the fiery intensity of this hue, these bracelets exude confidence and passion.

French Tips

Elegance just got a whole lot flirtier with French tips. Keep it clean, keep it classy, and get ready to pair them with bracelets that add a touch of elegance to the look. Iridescent beads are the name of the game here, and trust us, you're going to be turning heads.
Shades of Pink

Love comes in all shades of pink, and so do our nail trends! From pastels to bold fuchsias, pick your pink and let it shine. Top off the look with rose gold or pink-hued bracelets. Mix it up, have fun – because this Valentine's Day, we're all about spreading love in style!


Glitter, shimmer and shine – it's all about sparkling this Valentine's Day! Get those sparkly nails and pair them with bracelets that make a statement. Think pearlescent shine and rhinestone bracelets with all the bling you can handle. Shine bright, love!

Dark Love

For our bold and edgy trendsetters, it's time to embrace the dark side. Burgundies, plums, and blacks are stealing the spotlight. To balance the darkness, throw on some metallic or beaded bracelets. Mix textures, play with shapes – it's all about the mysterious allure!

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