NOGU Spectrum Rainbow Collection

This Pride Month, we are beyond thrilled to be launching our special Spectrum Collection. Each item from this collection is handmade, so no two bracelets are the same - just like you. Pride is all about being different, being unique, and finding unity in our differences. We wanted this collection to represent exactly that.   Why are Rainbows So Special? In many cultures, rainbows have been an ancient symbol of hope. In Christian scripture, a rainbow was sent to Noah after the great flood as an indication that they didn’t have to be afraid of drowning anymore - they could live and...

How Do NOGU's New MOOD RINGS Work?

Originally invented in 1975 by two New York inventors, mood rings quickly became a popular fashion trend. And even to this day, mood rings are relevant - even though they’re not quite what they say they are. When we look back on our childhoods, nearly all of us at NOGU remember wearing mood rings and comparing them with our friends. We remember the magic and mystery associated with them, and we felt like the rings were telling us something profound about ourselves. Introducing NOGU’s new Mood Stone Rings - a modern and minimalist twist on the colorful jewelry we loved...

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